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35% of "Pro-Lifers" Say Abortion Should Be Legal?

I’ve posted twice already on the new Gallup abortion poll numbers: Gallup Focuses on Common Ground 71% Say Abortion Should NOT Be Legal… Here’s another thought.  Look at Gallup’s summary of the data (see the second table here): David Lee brought one of the numbers to my attention: 35% of self-proclaimed pro-lifers believe abortion should […]

71% Say Abortion Should NOT Be Legal…

…in the second trimester, according to Gallup’s 2011 poll.  (See Page 11, Question 21.) (68% said abortion should be illegal in the second trimester in Gallup’s 2003 poll). 86% say abortion should not be legal in the third trimester (compared to 84% in Gallup’s 2003 poll). Gallup also found some interesting common ground on certain reasons for […]

Gallup Focuses on Common Ground

Last week, Gallup released the data from a new poll on abortion.  Here’s their summary.  Thankfully, they focused on specific reasons for abortion and/or specific times when abortions are performed.  And, predictably, this polling approach revealed a great deal of common ground. I say, predictably, because this is what Gallup has found in the past […]

Surprise, Surprise. Another Vague Poll.

NPR and Thomson Reuters took a poll recently that “showed” that a majority believes abortion is morally wrong (59%), and that a majority (54%) believes abortion restrictions should either stay the same as they are or be eased.  Keep in mind that the questions asked didn’t specify the type of abortion, timing of the abortion, […]