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A Tale of Two Gifts (Christmas Letter + Extras)

One woman’s tears began to fall near our poll table. The other’s fell all over the feet of an extraordinary man. Only one of the women received the care she needed. And one of our volunteers got a gift he’ll never forget.   In my Christmas letter, A Tale of Two Gifts, I share these […]

ISIS: A Reflection

I’ve been doing some thinking recently about the ISIS crisis, and specifically the plight of Christians watching their children being beheaded.  I’m expecting many pro-life groups will want to comment and “put this in perspective” and start talking numbers.  “A few kids being killed in Iraq is bad, but abortion is badder,” is essentially the […]

Autumn in the Sovereign Zone

Timothy Brahm just posted an excellent essay on the “Sovereign Zone” version of the bodily rights defense of abortion at Evangelical Outpost.  Tim not only explains how we in the pro-life community have many times misunderstood common pro-choice slogans, recalibrates our listening ears, and gives a roadmap for responding, but he does so in a […]

Pro-Lifers Squirm at the Punishment Question…But Why? (Part V)

A few years ago, I posted a series of blogs on the question, “If abortion were made illegal, how would you recommend punishing women if they get an abortion?” Pro-Lifers Squirm at the Punishment Question…but Why? (8/7/07) (referring to this post by Anna Quindlen – my original post has an old link) Pro-Lifers Squirm…Part II […]

Early Embryonic Humans Can Correct Their Own Genetic Anomalies?

Although it appears these researchers from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology are attempting to refine pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (a practice that is little more than a way to separate out a class of disabled humans so they can be killed before implantation into their mothers’ wombs), the finding that the embryo has […]

Defining "Organism" Helps Change a Mind on Early Abortions

“The explanation about a separate organism totally change my mind about “the morning after pill” and life before the heartbeat.” – Fellowship Christian School student I mentored during an Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue Seminar

Francis Scheffer on a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Apologetics

As we turn to consider in more detail how we may speak to men of the twentieth century, we must emphasize first of all that we cannot apply mechanical rules. We, of all people, should realize this, for as Christians we believe that personality really does exist and is important. We can lay down some […]

How to Talk about Health Care Reform and Abortion without Being a Jerk

My friend Josh Brahm of the excellent Life Report Podcast asked me this question: “If you were going to chat with your pro-choice friend about this bill, how would you talk about it in a way that shows compassion for poor people, but still condemns forcing people to pay for abortions?” (Note: listen to the […]

Should We Talk about Abortion with Kids?

To some, abortion seems like an adult topic that is simply not suitable for kids. Is it possible, though, that kids can learn the facts and arguments they need in order to think clearly about abortion when the topic finally confronts them? Find my answer in my short January update, entitled, “Is Anyone Too Young?” […]

Are there answers to all those questions?

Check out this introduction to the Youth Apologetics Study Bible (I contributed two articles):