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False Memories of Eating Popcorn

I heard about this recent study (to be published in October 2011) over the weekend on an NPR game show and decided I had to see if it was for real.  The study claims to have shown that sometimes certain kinds of advertising can actually make people believe they’ve tried the product that’s being advertised. […]

The Most Important Thing I’ve Said All Year

I think the second half of my interview with Josh Brahm on Life Report contains probably the most important thing I’ve said all year. Listen to the 19-minute segment and see if you can guess what I’m referring to. Then post your thoughts in the comments section.

In Trouble as a Child…and other Thoughts

Josh Brahm interviewed me recently for the exceptional Life Report Podcast (I highly recommend Josh and this podcast!). In the interview, I answer his standard questions for “pro-life celebrities,” including confessing my childhood mishief. Click the link to listen! (This segment is 34 minutes.)

Habits of Thumb (or Habits of Dumb?)

This startling example of technopoly caused me to pause. We all want to point the finger at this tow-truck driver who texted with one hand and held his phone with the other hand and just happened to drive his truck into a car and a swimming pool. But many of us should hold up a […]

Christians and Abortion: A Question

Are most Christians pro-life by conviction and pro-choice by default? -OR- Are most Christians pro-choice by conviction and pro-life by default?

Magazine Test

I just picked up an issue of Cornerstone Magazine (circa 1994 – it was undated). Within two minutes I found two articles that were interesting to me in 2009. One was an interview with Phillip Johnson (when Darwin on Trial was a recent phenomenon).   Another was an article about whether or not magazines should […]