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Into the Light: Honest to…Goodness

Nearly 1,000 teens gathered to hear a talk on sex. Instead of lecturing them, Rebeccah and I invited them to send us text messages. My Late Summer 2009 newsletter shares those messages, along with the unusual phone call that captured everyone’s attention and gave them the solution to sexual temptation at the end of the […]

Common Ground on Sex and Sex Ed?

The following video, taken at ASU earlier this year, illustrates how difficult it is for people to find common ground on sex and sex ed (see question 19 in Common Ground Without Compromise). Abortion Conversations– Sex Education from Evan Davis on Vimeo. If you thought it was tough to agree on abortion, I think […]

Too Idealistic?

June 2009 Newsletter We’re in the midst of raising support this summer and your response on this online form will help us know whether you’re interested in giving a financial gift, connecting us with a friend, or hosting an training event for us. This is a big help to us. Thanks for taking a moment […]