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Surprise, Surprise. Another Vague Poll.

NPR and Thomson Reuters took a poll recently that “showed” that a majority believes abortion is morally wrong (59%), and that a majority (54%) believes abortion restrictions should either stay the same as they are or be eased. ┬áKeep in mind that the questions asked didn’t specify the type of abortion, timing of the abortion, […]

20% of Abortions: Evangelical

In the Guttmacher Institute poll of women having abortions in 2008 (see p. 9), about 1 in 5 (20%) claimed to be born-again, evangelical, charistmatic, or fundamentalist. The report is clear in a footnote, however, that this number shouldn’t be compared to the previous poll result (in 2000) that 13% of women having abortions claimed […]

Abortions in China: 13 million a year?

If this MSNBC story is correct, China may have 10 times the number of abortions as the U.S. (13 million versus 1.3 million), while it’s population is about 4.3 times the population of the U.S. (1,331,460,000 versus 307,006,550).