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Francis Scheffer on a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Apologetics

As we turn to consider in more detail how we may speak to men of the twentieth century, we must emphasize first of all that we cannot apply mechanical rules. We, of all people, should realize this, for as Christians we believe that personality really does exist and is important. We can lay down some […]

Protesters at CSU

Jill Stanek recently noted the Rocky Mountain Collegian’s coverage of our recent outreach event (and the protesters it drew). Here’s my comment: Although the paper reported only 6 protesters, there were actually more throughout the day. I estimate the number was more like 30. The folks who were a committed presence all day probably numbered […]

Is Anyone Too Young, Part II: Should a 1-Year-Old Watch Mama Give Birth?

Is anyone too young for pro-life education? My January newsletter made the case that elementary students can handle it. But what about one-year-olds? What would pro-life education look like at this age? I think I have an idea, and I share it in my March newsletter. It includes some of my favorite pictures in the […]

How to Talk about Health Care Reform and Abortion without Being a Jerk

My friend Josh Brahm of the excellent Life Report Podcast asked me this question: “If you were going to chat with your pro-choice friend about this bill, how would you talk about it in a way that shows compassion for poor people, but still condemns forcing people to pay for abortions?” (Note: listen to the […]

Who Would Have Thought…

Here’s a tweet from a pro-choice writer. He/she made note of a conversation with a pro-life person who took an approach of listening and asking questions. Who would have thought that something so simple could make such an impression!

Should We Talk about Abortion with Kids?

To some, abortion seems like an adult topic that is simply not suitable for kids. Is it possible, though, that kids can learn the facts and arguments they need in order to think clearly about abortion when the topic finally confronts them? Find my answer in my short January update, entitled, “Is Anyone Too Young?” […]

Are You Losing Sleep?

See why I’m not losing sleep, and what I’m doing to start. My September/October 2009 newsletter will help you join our growing community of determined insomniacs.

The Most Important Thing I’ve Said All Year

I think the second half of my interview with Josh Brahm on Life Report contains probably the most important thing I’ve said all year. Listen to the 19-minute segment and see if you can guess what I’m referring to. Then post your thoughts in the comments section.

Christians and Abortion: A Question

Are most Christians pro-life by conviction and pro-choice by default? -OR- Are most Christians pro-choice by conviction and pro-life by default?

No Choice: Common Ground or Lose

Taking their cues from President Obama*, pro-choice advocates are starting to talk the common ground talk. Pro-life advocates have no choice: learn to clarify the problems with pro-choice appeals to “common ground,” or lose the cultural debate. For help with this, see the introduction of Common Ground Without Compromise and this post. * Examples of […]