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One JFA Mentor in Action (February Newsletter)

I’ve just returned from eleven days on the road with the JFA team in Arizona. I’ll share highlights in my next newsletter. Because of the deadline this month, I’m encouraging you to read a piece written by my colleague Jacob Nels, JFA’s Regional Account Manager in Georgia. Anytime I have the opportunity to send you […]

Nuts and Bolts of Good Dialogue

Check out this latest show from the folks at Life Report. It’s a very helpful discussion of how we can integrate our concern for the unborn with our genuine concern for the pro-choice advocate we want to reach. Life Report is regular food for thought on my mental table. I highly recommended you make it […]

Are there answers to all those questions?

Check out this introduction to the Youth Apologetics Study Bible (I contributed two articles):

Relativism: Different Things to Different People

Do your conversations on abortion get stalled out when someone claims “Morals are relative”? I’ve just posted a four-page analysis, Creating Dialogue on Moral Relativism, that will help you keep things productive when relativism comes up. I’ve included a discussion of four different types of relativists and two sample dialogues.

Minds Do Change

Look at this interchange my colleague Lauren had with a student at PCC. One simple question, one simple explanation (the tour), and this girl changed her mind. Shows the power of good dialogue in the hands of a good ambassador!

One of the most important things I ever say or teach

Greg Koukl at STR clarifies in a short video post why it’s appropriate for those who are confident about their views to say, “I might be wrong.” He’s responding to a reader’s concern that saying this might undermine the confidence of some listeners who share Greg’s views. Incidentally, the phrase Greg is discussing is one […]

Does Might Make Right? (Open Mic at ASU, Part V)

The ASU student in the following video likens the unborn to a vegetable and then argues that “might makes right” is part of nature’s system of balance. I wonder if the two are connected? Conversations– Does Might Make Right? from Evan Davis on Vimeo.

In their own words…

Lauren, one of JFA’s outstanding interns, recently posted some response cards from JFA’s UT San Antonio outreach just two weeks ago (the response cards are after the first story in the post, a story which is heart-breaking). Extra bonus: Lauren gives the stories behind some of the cards! Very interesting reading.

Dialogue Lab – Only One Question (Open Mic at ASU, part IV)

The following dialogue (4.5 minutes) begins with an ASU student making an interesting assertion: Pro-lifers should adopt all of the children who are born (if abortion is made illegal). As you watch, pause the video after this initial assertion and think of a question you can ask to help return the conversation to the question, […]

Dialogue Lab – Common Ground (Open Mic at ASU, part III)

Should Third-Trimester Abortions Remain Legal? from Life Media Resources on Vimeo. Step 1: Listen to the first thoughts from this student at ASU. Stop the video. Step 2: Think of a question you can ask to build common ground with the speaker. Write your ideas in the comments section. Step 3: Now listen to the […]