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My Top Five from the Past Five

Since 2015, most of my writing has been posted at the Justice For All blog and website.  To bring this space more up to date, here are “my top five from the past five” with a few comments about why: It’s Her Body – A Series of Reflections (August 2018) – If I’ve written anything […]

Good Example of a Bad Habit

In a New York Times Op-Ed today, “Slavery Thrived on Compromise, John Kelly,” Kashana Cauley gives us a good example of a very bad habit that plagues many conversations: equivocation.  (Equivocation is the use of a word in two ways in the midst of an argument in which the argument gets some or all of […]

Humanity in Motion

I appreciated the picture of humans responding to disaster that concludes this short description of the Mexico City earthquake, “Living in Mexico City Is a Perpetual Dare.”  It’s overwhelming to read the news these past two months, with major hurricanes causing major flooding in Houston, Louisiana, Florida, and elsewhere.  We saw the wreckage of those […]

New Official JFA Blog

From now on, I’ll be posting updates about JFA’s work at JFA’s new blog:

On our Knees

In my February letter, I challenged myself, our staff, and our supporters to set aside time to pray each day for JFA.  You can take the challenge, too!  The letter includes seven specific prayer requests for JFA, including one of JFA’s 2015 goals that I feel is well beyond our abilities.  Projects like these help […]

JFA Equips 263 at the March for Life

JFA training specialists Catherine Wurts and Rebecca Haschke participated in the March for Life JFA-style: they turned it into an opportunity to teach pro-life advocates to dialogue!  They began by marching along with 220 high school students and 43 chaperones from the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska.  Then in a two-hour workshop the next day, […]

Almost 100% Commit to Repeat Work in Arizona

JFA’s training team mentored 44 students and one teacher from St. Mary’s Catholic High School and Bourgade Catholic High School in the Phoenix area.  All but a few of these students committed to create a conversation about abortion in their everyday lives (what JFA calls “Repeat Work”) after volunteering with us during the ASU campus […]

JFA on the Radio: Chris Fabry Live

JFA’s Jordan Newhouse and I recently appeared on Chris Fabry Live on the Moody Radio Network.  You can listen to a recording of the show here.

"Esau’s Soup" Wins $500 in Talent Show for JFA

JFA volunteer Danny Joseph recently gave a moving performance of a spoken poem entitled “Esau’s Soup” at a talent show in Oklahoma City and won $500 for JFA! In his introductory remarks, he described JFA: So, what they do is they train people to be persuasive and at the same time gentle about the subject. […]

After-Birth Abortion?

Josh Brahm recently posted a helpful response to the “After-Birth Abortion” article in JME.