What People Are Saying about Common Ground (Readers)


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“In a realm where cleverness and strategy are prioritized over understanding and dialogue, Common Ground Without Compromise represents a rare and invaluably sincere perspective. In its attempt to bring us all, pro-choice and pro-life, back to our common humanity, this book will do more than challenge your views – it will challenge your idea of how we should go about working for a better world. There were definitely moments when reading this that I had some buttons pushed and wanted more explained from ‘my side.’ Then I realized that this was the purpose – to start conversations with each other, not to say how they should end. Wagner’s approach represents one of the most hopeful things I have encountered in my experiences with this great social dilemma of our time.”  (Lynette Shaw, Pro-Choice)

“I found Common Ground Without Compromise very insightful. I see a lot of promise for the future of this debate, as well as many other contentious issues, if people are willing to mindfully utilize this method. I feel as though Steve has a firm grasp upon the ways in which discussions turn sour based on typical, perhaps natural, human approaches to communication. To be honest, I still don’t quite agree with Steve’s account of one issue, truth, but I found an unbelievable amount of other common ground for us to stand on.”  (Jonathan Schmalz, Pro-Choice)

“Great organization, easy read, and a solid stepping stone for dialogue about abortion.”  (Will Esler, Pro-Life)

“A step towards the center is a step towards a solution. In a debate known for its differences, Steve highlights areas of agreement between the sides that often posture themselves as complete opposites.” (Róbert Heimir Helgason, Pro-Choice)

“Common Ground Without Compromise comes as a timely response to the shared frustration that pro-life and pro-choice advocates have nothing in common. Steve tears down the “sides” and “party lines” we are all tired of, and reveals the solid foundation of beliefs and motivations we all share. This book will equip pro-life and pro-choice advocates alike to have meaningful conversation with each other and, hopefully, to cooperate and care for all affected by abortion.”  (Jennifer Hardy, Pro-Life)


“I’m a bi-vocational pastor.  In addition to my ministry responsibilities, I teach K-5 music in an elementary school.  At church, people value my insight on moral and spiritual issues.  At school, my thoughts are just the opinions of another teacher.  Because of this I feel the same fear as others when engaging in conversations about such weighty topics as life or choice.  I’m secure in my viewpoint, but I don’t want to merely offend.  The day after reading Common Ground Without Compromise the topic of abortion came up during a school lunchroom conversation.  Rather than keeping quiet as before, I fully engaged in the conversation.  I felt confident, but more importantly the content of Stephen’s book enabled me to be compassionate as well.  It felt good and natural.  I wondered why I had been fearful for so long.” (David Duty, Houston, TX)

“[Common Ground Without Compromise is] by far the best book I have read on the abortion issue! Should be read by those on both sides of the issue and those who take no side. The more people who follow the advice laid out in this book, both in terms of the abortion issue and in all aspects of life, the better off we will be.  (Clare’s Catholic Clutter)

“Excellent resource for speaking intelligently about abortion. Common Ground Without Compromise encourages authenticity in interactions with others – a common sense notion which nevertheless is often completely disregarded. Please do yourself a favor and investigate this text for yourself. I wager you will not be disappointed.”  (Mlle Mandy,” Central IL, USA, “Sincere Approach,” Review on Amazon.com, January 16, 2009)

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