What People Are Saying About Steve

“I continue to support Steve Wagner through JFA because you continue to teach and reach out to the next generation lovingly, carefully, and thoughtfully. Meeting them where they live in heart and mind. With the truth of the sanctity of life, good, bad, happy, or sad. Dialoguing with them, engaging them in the debate. Accepting their feelings about how they think.” (Tanya, handwritten note, June 2011)

“The explanation about a separate organism totally change my mind about ‘the morning after pill’ and life before the heartbeat.” (Fellowship Christian School student Steve mentored during an Abortion: From Debate to Dialogue Seminar)

“This was one of the best talks I have ever heard.”  (Katie, a college student, after hearing Steve Wagner speak at the Students for Life Conference in Washington D.C. on January 24, 2009)

“Steve, you are excellent. You put things in such an understandable honest way. I wish I had heard you speak before a conversation I had yesterday! Your strategies for reading people will help me in the future!”  (Elise, a college student, after hearing Steve Wagner speak at the Students for Life Conference in Washington D.C. on January 24, 2009)

“I thought this was a great presentation! I have been pro-life for only a year but still didn’t understand all arguments against and for this stance. This presentation answered so many questions for me…The presentation and [open forum] questions helped my growing knowledge… Thanks. It was amazing!”  (Jenna, a student at Clarion University (Clarion, PA), after Steve Wagner led an open forum on abortion at her school on April 7, 2009)

“Hands down, the single best trainer on the topic of person to person pro-life persuasion.”  (Scott Klusendorf, President, Life Training Institute  and author of The Case for Life, Crossway, 2009)

“Steve [regularly lectures at Focus on the Family Institute and]…has not only taught, but demonstrated how to engage others in the abortion debate with a great mix of using the mind and heart in conjunction with one another…Steve understands what it takes to speak Truth to a hurting culture.”  (Chris Leland, Focus on the Family Institute)

“The guy is making perfect sense…He’s an articulate, intelligent, calm presence. Suddenly, a chill creeps up your spine: I hope there are people on the pro-choice side who are equally perceptive and balanced.”  (Nerve Magazine, an online adult magazine that’s no friend to pro-life advocates, referring to Steve’s work featured in Unborn in the USA, a 2007 documentary)

“Steve not only presented compelling arguments that the others were not able to counter, but he did so in such a winsome manner that people in the audience were doubly-persuaded. If I were in a debate, I sure would want to be on the same side as Steve!”  (John Kilner, President, Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity)

“What you said today moved me almost more than anything ever has before.”  (Kelly, High School Student in Paso Robles, CA)

“We ALL LOVED Steve! His day-long training was wonderful. The kids were excited to do the field trip the following day. It was pouring rain, but it didn’t dampen their spirits! We spent two hours in downtown Portland with the survey…the kids were SO excited when they were done…it was a huge success! I think the field trip cemented to them how to talk to others and gave them the courage that they can do it! We look forward to having him back!”  (Gayle Atteberry, Executive Director, Oregon Right to Life)

“I am happy to tell you that the Banquet raised … the largest amount brought in at a banquet to date. We have had very positive feedback on you as a speaker and on the entire evening being “the best banquet ever.” (Janet Evanco, Director, CareNet-Rhode Island)

“I was pro-choice until you…”  (Homeschooling mother of five kids, Pennsylvania)

“Steve Wagner makes an instant and impressive connection with young people, giving them the tools to winsomely articulate their faith to their peers. Our City on the Hill students like him so much, we’ve invited him back for a third time!”  (Michael Geer, President, Pennsylvania Family Institute)

“The approach Steve Wagner explained gave me some idea of how to defend my view in a way that does not escalate the conversation and make it more adversarial than necessary. He is clearly a highly intelligent person who has experience talking to pro-choice people. … If I were to get more involved in the pro-life cause I’d tend to use Mr. Wagner’s approach as training wheels.”  (Pro-Life Atheist, UCSB)

“I am writing in connection to Stephen Wagner’s visit to my Introduction to Ethics class. I asked Steve to present the strongest case he could in favor of the “pro-life” position in the abortion debate, and he did just that. He gave an intelligent and lively talk; I would be glad to have him back again.  I was especially impressed that Steve addressed – with the seriousness they deserve – Peter Singer’s arguments about abortion. Instead of retreating into the mindless platitudes that are all too familiar in the abortion debate, Steve argued that Singer’s arguments fail on their own terms and have unsavory consequences. This is the kind of sophistication appropriate for philosophy classes.  I think all my students benefited from seeing a person who is so clearly committed to the truth of some ethical point of view – even those who, like myself, ultimately disagree with his position. Too often, ethics is an abstract pursuit. Steve’s talk brought home to all of us just how real and how important these issues are.  (Jeffrey Moriarty, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Philosophy, California State University, Long Beach)

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