Monthly Archives: December 2012

Tips for Being Present, Part 3: Being Present to Family and Friends

Confine computers to a special room so that you’re not tempted to “check your email” or “google something” when the most important people in your life wait for your attention. Look the person in the eyes. Verbalize if you’re thinking about something or processing something (or even obsessing over something) so that this important person […]

Tips for Being Present, Part 2: Being Present in Conversations on Important Topics

Don’t worry about forgetting your thought.  If it’s important, God will help you remember it later. Don’t look at your cell phone.  If you are expecting an important call, let the person know up front. Set the expectation and do what’s necessary so that you might continue the conversation in the future.  If you can […]

Tips for Being Present, Part I: How Do You Spell Christmas Presence?

There’s one distraction that’s even more menacing to relationships than cell phones or computers. To find out what it is, along with my tips for giving the people you care about the best presence of all, read my Christmas letter. I guarantee it won’t distract you for more than 5 minutes! See also: Tips for […]