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We Two

“We Two” by Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt (1836-1919) God’s will is – the bud of the rose for your hair,The ring for your hand and the pearl for your breast;God’s will is – the mirror that makes you look fair.No wonder you whisper: “God’s will is the best.” But what if God’s will were the famine, the […]


It’s hard to believe that someone thought that this ad would actually encourage me to buy Cox. If they had marked it up with red in the way that I have, however, it might have. (Dec. 2013 Update: Read my Christmas 2013 letter discussing this ad and the “tech-carnation.”)

Autumn in the Sovereign Zone

Timothy Brahm just posted an excellent essay on the “Sovereign Zone” version of the bodily rights defense of abortion at Evangelical Outpost.  Tim not only explains how we in the pro-life community have many times misunderstood common pro-choice slogans, recalibrates our listening ears, and gives a roadmap for responding, but he does so in a […]