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No Choice: Common Ground or Lose

Taking their cues from President Obama*, pro-choice advocates are starting to talk the common ground talk. Pro-life advocates have no choice: learn to clarify the problems with pro-choice appeals to “common ground,” or lose the cultural debate. For help with this, see the introduction of Common Ground Without Compromise and this post. * Examples of […]

Teens Speak on Sex

My wife and I will speak at an event called ANSR (A New Sexual Revolution), on June 17 in Harrisburg, PA. The promoters recently went and asked teens to share their thoughts on sex: Our goal for the event? Give students some help with the big picture and some tools for helping their friends think […]

Obama’s Approach to Abortion Worldwide

Hillary Clinton can frame Obama’s worldwide abortion policy as safe, legal, and rare all she wants…and she can frame it as advocating for the health of women’s lives (contra botched abortions) all she wants, but she’s still advocating the export of one of the USA’s most cherished values: that if you’re unwanted and out of […]

Which is more effective?

JFA’s Executive Director, David Lee, made an insightful comment to me a few days ago in response to my Red Envelope post. Here’s a paraphrase: “The red envelope project is good as far as it goes, but we can do better. Are millions of people trying to change one mind as effective as each of […]

One of the most important things I ever say or teach

Greg Koukl at STR clarifies in a short video post why it’s appropriate for those who are confident about their views to say, “I might be wrong.” He’s responding to a reader’s concern that saying this might undermine the confidence of some listeners who share Greg’s views. Incidentally, the phrase Greg is discussing is one […]

Pro-Lifers Spend >$1 Million on Envelopes

Evidently, the red envelope idea really took off and pro-lifers amassed an impressive 2.5 million envelopes and sent them to Obama at the end of March. What was written on the empty envelopes? This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the […]

"I Get You" or "Gotcha!" (March 09 newsletter)

In debate on tough topics like abortion, many of us look for the witty retort that shuts down a foolish argument in just a few words. We love to hear the “gotcha” moment (if it’s coming from our side), and we love to deliver it. Is it the highest goal for every conversation, though? In […]