Monthly Archives: June 2009

Lest you think…

…all pro-choice advocates believe in any abortion at any point in time for any reason, read “Can we ever say a woman can’t choose?” by Frances Kissling. As I argued in Common Ground, sex-selection abortion is among the most detested forms of abortion for many pro-choice advocates. The question I raised in the book was, […]

Too Idealistic?

June 2009 Newsletter We’re in the midst of raising support this summer and your response on this online form will help us know whether you’re interested in giving a financial gift, connecting us with a friend, or hosting an training event for us. This is a big help to us. Thanks for taking a moment […]

"Take Five" Turns 50

This short piece from NPR’s All Things Considered is well worth a listen, especially if you want to understand one of the things that can make music really interesting: an asymmetrical meter. Jazz great Dave Brubeck reflects on “Take Five,” an influential piece with a double entendre title. His quartet created it and found themselves […]

Moonlight Beach Survey Results

On May 24, a small team of JFA staff and volunteers hit the beach in Southern California as a part of a JFA leadership camp. The purpose? Find out what people think about abortion and give them the opportunity to dialogue about it if interested. We took opinions through two vehicles: a survey (9 questions) […]