Trent Horn, Open Mic, and Common Ground

Trent Horn, past JFA staff and now the Respect Life Coordinator for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, creates dialogue on the open mic at CBR’s GAP Exhibit at NAU in the fall of 2011. Good work, Trent!

[Note on the video: Although I appreciate the attempt by the video producer to “narrate the debate” by giving a score card at various points in the discussion, I think chalking up moments of common ground as “pro-life arguments” is misleading.  Trent is using common ground here precisely as I suggested it be used in Common Ground Without Compromise: as a genuine attempt to build rapport so that we can discuss our disagreements (and so that both parties can make their arguments) more productively…namely, to an audience with hearts and minds open to rethinking.  Strictly speaking, these points of common ground are not arguments.  At best, their assertions or statements of what people believe.]

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